Cyprus driving guide and tips

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Minimum Age: Drivers must be 18 with a valid Driver’s license.

Seat Belts: Must be used by front-seat passengers. With Cyprus's high accident rate, please, everybody, strap yourself in.

Children: Children under 10 are prohibited from sitting in the front seat.

Speed Limits Use these as a guide, but always obey the posted limits, which may vary.
Urban areas: 30 mph/50 kmh
Outside cities: 68 mph/110 kph
Freeways/Expressways: 75 mph/120 kph

Horning: Technically, this is illegal in towns and urban areas except in case of emergencies. Use it freely if needed; it could save your life.

Parking: Forbidden (though it may not be marked) within 9 feet of a fire hydrant, 15 feet of an intersection, or 45 feet from a bus stop

Driving Your Car: A valid registration or your car rental contract slip, proof of internationally valid insurance and your driver's license.

Driving Side: Drive on the left.

Circles and Roundabouts: Whilst these are standard in many European countries and in the UK and Ireland, they are new to many US drivers. These circles serve as a kind of perpetual-motion intersection, keeping traffic flowing without the use of signal lights. This sounds more difficult than it actually is, and roundabouts are actually kind of fun once you get used to them. Priority is given to the one driving on the roundabout unless there is a STOP sign at the entrance.

Cell Phone Usage It is now illegal to use your cell phone whilst driving. Violators can be stopped and issued a fine.

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